Non-Slip & Safety Flooring

A vessel at sea can be unpredictable in its movements at the best of times but then throw a little water into the equation and your decks, companionways, steps and ladders offer limitless opportunities to slip and trip. Even the most sure footed of crewmen with experienced sea legs can come a cropper on a shiny piece of gel coat or a drenched cabin sole. 3M's Safety Walk Tape is great for hatches, rungs and other narrow strips, whilst Treadmaster Step Pads and Treadmaster Sheets are available for exterior decking, steps and companionways. Available in seven colours Treadmaster is the most popular non-slip flooring on the market. For unparalleled durability and excellent drainage in high footfall areas the HERON range of non-slip flooring offers commercial operators maximum protection, whilst VYNAGRIP brings the same security plus the comfort of fatigue reducing materials and design.

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