Electronic Sea Sickness RELIEF BAND

Electronic Sea Sickness RELIEF BAND

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The Relief Band is a drug free way to control the debilitating symptoms of motion sickness whether by sea, air or road.

Working on an accupressure point this clinical product need not be worn all the time. The device can simply be put on after symptoms appear and within 15-20 minutes wearers will begin to feel the benefit. Scientific research indicates that up to 90% of users experience relief from their motion sickness symptoms.

The Relief Band is CE Marked and has been cleared for over the counter sales for the relief of motion sickness in Europe.

Worn like a watch on the underside of the wrist, it emits gentle electrical signals that interfere with the nerve activity that causes nausea. This stimulation blocks the nausea / vomiting messages between the brain and the body and because it is not a drug you will not suffer the headache, drowsiness or other side effects typical of other medicinal remedies.

There are no restrictions on the consumption of food, beverages or other medications, however, people with cardiac pacemakers should not use the device.

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