Fireblitz 1.5kg FE36 Automatic Fire Extinguisher

Fireblitz 1.5kg FE36 Automatic Fire Extinguisher

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The Fireblitz 1.5kg FE36 Automatic Engine Fire Extinguishers are the latest clean replacement for old Halon models. Suitable for electrical and all Class B & C fires, the unit has a heat sensitive frangible bulb that fractures in the event of a fire. Supplied complete in a bulkhead mounting bracket, these Fireblitz 1.5kg FE36 models provide protection for engine spaces up to 2.5m3


Overall Height: 380mm
Overall Diameter (in bracket): 120mm
Weight Filled (in bracket): 3.1kg

How Fire Extinguishers Containing FE-36 Work

These extinguishers discharge a stream of gas and liquid droplets that are propelled into the heart of the fire, stopping combustion through a chemical reaction and by absorbing the fire’s heat.

Since FE-36 becomes a gas at -1.4 degrees C (39 degrees F), it leaves no residue behind and after the fire, dissipates into the atmosphere.

How to select the right extinguisher:

First of all you need to measure the overall volume of your engine bay, Length x Width x Height (in meters)

Next measure the volume of any large battery boxes, fuel tanks or water tanks that are present in your engine bay too.

Finally, you can then deduct the volume of any battery boxes and tanks etc, from the overall volume of your engine bay and this will then give you the NET volume. (or free empty space)

Select the size of fire extinguisher that covers this NET volume.

Important Note: You MUST NOT deduct the volume of your engines from your engine space calculation. Your engines will consume some of the gas, so you must image that the engines are not present.


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