Ocean Signal EPIRB1 406Mhz GPS EPIRB

Ocean Signal EPIRB1 406Mhz GPS EPIRB

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The NEW Ocean Signal EPIRB1 is the worlds most compact 406 Mhz GPS Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB)

The Ocean Signal EPIRB1 provides peace of mind with an impressive 10-year battery life, and its compact size means it can always be on hand, mounted on the bulkhead in its quick release bracket or stowed in an emergency grab-bag.

A simple protective tab over the operating-button prevents accidental activation, yet allows for quick and easy operation when required. The Ocean Signal EPIRB1 also features two super-bright strobe lights to maximise visibility in low light conditions.

The retractable antenna stows neatly away for protection and reduces the overall size whilst stowed. When required the antenna is easily deployed with a gentle pull.


  • Fast Accurate Positioning with 66 Channel GPS
    406Mhz Satellite Transmission plus 121.5 MHz Homing Beacon Transmission
  • Manual Activation & Automatic Water Immersion Activation
  • Compact Design (30% smaller than other models)
  • Retractable Antenna
  • Twin High Intensity Strobe Lights
  • Quick Release Bulkhead Bracket
  • Security Lanyard/Tether
  • 10-Year Battery Life
  • 48+ Hours Operational Life
  • 5-Year Warranty


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