Sta-Plug Emergency Collision Damage Plug

Sta-Plug Emergency Collision Damage Plug

  • Sta-Plug

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The new Sta-Plug features unique edge gripping ridges designed to hold the plug in a hole, keeping the water out.

Different by design, Sta-Plugs shape includes a series of concentrically larger ridges stepped along the length of the cone. These ridges offer two big advantages over traditional straight edged emergency plugs:

  • They help Sta-Plug™ conform to the hole near the edge where a tight fit is most crucial.
  • They help hold it more securely in place.
  • Twist and compress by hand to insert into hole.
  • Expands after insertion to hold in place.

Intended for temporary emergency use with continuous monitoring only, it gives the skipper greater peace-of-mind to allow them to focus on getting the boat to safety.

Made from high density foam, Sta-Plug™ will remain soft and ready to go for years and will not mold or swell up like conventional wood plugs.

Can be cut with a knife to use in irregular shaped holes, or torn by hand near the riblets to make smaller diameter plugs for smaller holes.  Tearing at the 8th riblet creates a plug with a 2” diameter base.

Made from high density foam that is not susceptible to mold or swelling.

Bright orange color allows it to be quickly located in an emergency.

Dimensions:  9” High x 5” Diameter at base

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