FELCO C112 Rod Rigging Cable Cutter (max 12mm)

FELCO C112 Rod Rigging Cable Cutter (max 12mm)

529.95 inc vat  (441.62 ex VAT)

Shipping to Mainland UK: 7.98

PN: 00664



Like the C108, the Felco C112 two-hand cutter is recommended for cutting very hard materials.

The cutter is equipped with a force transmission system, which applies the maximum leverage at just the right moment. The cutter is principally intended for use in maritime, industrial, forestry, power, and transport environments, and is excellent for use on larger yachts and commercial vessels.

With hardened steel blades and center bolts, the handles are made of unbreakable forged aluminum alloy with a plastic covering for excellent grip. All parts are designed for maximum protection against rust and salt water.

The C112 is suited for quick and easy cutting of shrouds, stays, and other rigging made of high tensile wire rope or cable up to 12mm diameter and steel rod rigging up to 12mm diameter.

Overall Length: 74cm, Weight: 3.75kg

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