A range of high quality boat anchors including Grapnel, Claw, Plough, Bruce, CQR, Delta and Fortress models.

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  • Folding Grapnel Anchor

    Folding Grapnel Anchor

    A hot dipped galvanised cast steel traditional folding Grapnel anchor. Grapnel Anchors are excellent for tenders, small ...

    From 23.95 Buy Folding Grapnel Anchor

  • Lewmar Claw Anchor

    Lewmar Claw Anchor

    The Claw anchor is constructed from high grade galvanised steel cast in a single piece and can be used effectively ...

    From 59.95 Buy Lewmar Claw Anchor

  • Plough Anchor

    Plough Anchor

    A heavy duty hot dipped galvanised Plough Anchor. The Plough Anchor has excellent holding power in all sea bed types ...

    From 59.95 Buy Plough Anchor

  • Lewmar Delta Anchor

    Lewmar Delta Anchor

    The Delta Anchor leads the way in innovative anchor engineering. The high-grade manganese steel used in the construction ...

    From 74.95 Buy Lewmar Delta Anchor

  • Fortress Anchor

    Fortress Anchor

    The Fortress range of alloy folding anchors offer outstanding performance on all bottom types. Ultra lightweight, the ...

    From 165.00 Buy Fortress Anchor

  • Fortress Anchor Stowaway Storage Bag

    Fortress Anchor Stowaway Storage Bag

    Having spare storm anchors or a good kedge aboard can make the difference between safety and disaster. The Fortress ...

    From 79.95 Buy Fortress Anchor Stowaway Storage Bag

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