Coastguard Advise Boat Users to Be Prepared

Thursday, April 09, 2009
Posted 13:36 GMT

The Maritime & Coastguard Agency are advising the boating public to be prepared and wear a life jacket as the new boating season approaches.

Paul Browne of the Coastguard Search and Rescue Branch said:

'This is when most people start to think about getting their boat ready. Unfortunately, just getting the dust off the boat doesnt mean you can take to the water. Many people taking their boats out for the first time this year discover that not only is the boat nowhere near sea worthy, it wont even start, leading to a great deal of frustration and aggravation.'

'Make sure that you check your batteries and all of your fluid levels before heading out. Check your water pump, bilge pumps, fuel system, electrical system and all necessary safety equipment including radio and lights in order to make sure that they are all functioning properly. It might also be prudent to think about joining a 24-hour marine breakdown assistance service. You should also ensure you carry traditional navigation resources such as paper charts so that you can navigate safely if your electrics fail'

'Dont forget to wear a properly maintained, correctly fitting lifejacket. It should be fitted with a manual inflation tube, whistle and light for attracting attention, retro-reflective tape, a lifting strop, crotch-straps to prevent the personal flotation device rising over the wearers head and emergency inflation toggles.'

For further details contact:
The Maritime & Coastguard Agency Press Office
023 8032 9401



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