1Kg Powder Fire Extinguisher 8A-55B (Ships Wheel)

1Kg Powder Fire Extinguisher 8A-55B (Ships Wheel)

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The NEW Commander Edge 1kg ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers have been specifically designed for extinguishing small fires in marine & industrial environments, and carry the MED SHIPS WHEEL MARK approval logo.

These high quality extinguishers are supplied complete with bulkhead mounting brackets, securing straps and pressure gauge.

Suitable for Fire Classifications:

  • CLASS A : Wood, paper, fabric
  • CLASS B : Flammable liquids
  • CLASS C : Electrical fires / flammable gases.

These units contain multi-purpose (ABC) dry powder suitable for all fires except metal fires. These extinguishers are also suitable for gaseous fires where there is NO explosion risk.

Fire Rating: 8A-55B

Certified to: BS EN3:1996.
Certified to: MED Ships Wheel Mark

Extinguisher Dimensions: 340mm Tall x 85mm Diameter

Total Weight Filled: 2.1kg.

Unlike most budget model extinguishers, these high quality COMMANDER Fire Extinguishers have a 5-Year Warranty, as long as the extinguishers is serviced every 12-months by an approved Fire Extinguisher Service agent.

These 1kg ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers fully meet the requirements of the RYA Boat Safety Scheme plus RNLI SeaCheck recommendations.

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